厨师推荐 Chef’s Recommendation
名目 Name 价格 Price
干煸芸豆 Stir fried french bean with dry chilli €12.80
金沙玉米 Deep fried sweetcorn in egg yolk €12.80
拌花菜 Tofu salad sweet chilli sauce €10.80
重庆口水鸡 Cold chicken salad with cucumber in chilli garlic sauce €12.80
锅包鸡 Deep fried pieces of chicken in batter in sweet sour sauce (Chinese style) €13.80
重庆辣子鸡 Deep fried chicken with dry chilli & crispy peanut €13.80 (on bone) / €13.80 (off bone )
碎米鸡 Stir fried diced chicken with crunched peanuts €13.80
九品奇香鸭丝 Stir fried chopped duck & veg in medium spicy sauce €14.80
1/2北京烤鸭(去骨,有鸭饼)Half portion roast duck Peking style served with homemade sauce (off bone) (served with pancakes, mixed veg and duck sauce) €23.80
九品奇香羊肉 Stir fried chopped lamb & veg in medium spicy sauce €14.80
孜然羊肉 Stir fired lamb with cumin seeds €14.80
巴蜀水煮牛肉 Braised beef & veg in hot spicy sauce €14.80
香辣牛肉干 Stir fried dry beef in hot spicy taste €13.80
九品奇香牛肉 Stir fried chopped beef & veg in medium spicy sauce €13.80
孜然牛肉 Stir fired beef with cumin seeds €13.80
酸豆角肉末 Pickled bean with mince pork €13.80
葱香双段(虾段、肉段)Stir fried mixed chopped pork & king prawn in batter with ginger & scallions €14.80
巴蜀芝麻骨 Deep fried short pork ribs with sesame seeds in Chinese style delicious sweet sauce (on bone) €13.80
锅包肉 Deep fried pieces of pork in batter in sweet sour sauce (Chinese style) €13.80
回锅肉 Double cooked pork belly €13.80
鱼香肉丝 Shredded pork in hot sour sauce €13.80
干烧鲈鱼 Deep fried seabass in chilli garlic sauce (Chinese style, on bone) €16.80
巴蜀水煮鱼 Braised seabass & veg in hot spicy sauce (on /off bone) €16.80
孜香鱿鱼须 Deep fried baby squid with cumin seeds €14.80
干锅花菜 Fried cauliflower with smoked bacon (sizzling) €13.80
鲜椒抄手鱼 Braised cod with wonton in hot chilli (off bone) €16.80
金汤鳕鱼 Braised cod with rice noodles in pumpkin soup (off bone) €16.80
巴蜀功夫鱼 Braised cod in Chinese style medium spicy sauce (off bone) €16.80
蛋黄玉米大海虾(去壳)Deep fried jumbo prawn with sweetcorn in egg yolk (off shell) €19.80
蛋黄软壳蟹 Deep fried soft shell crab in egg yolk €25.80