主菜 Main Courses(side is not included)
Please pick one of your favourite main and sauce, to make your fabulous meal.
名目 Name 价格 Price
招牌 House special (mixed with chicken, beef, pork & king prawn) €15.80
鸡肉 Chicken €13.80
牛肉 Beef €13.80
羊肉 Lamb €14.80
猪肉 Pork €13.80
虾 King prawn €14.80
海鲜 Seafood (mixed with king prawn, squid & crab stick) €14.80
鸡丝 Shredded crispy chicken (served in bird nest which is made by flour) €13.80
牛丝 Shredded crispy beef (served in bird nest which is made by flour) €13.80
杂菜 Mixed vegetables €12.80
鸭肉 Duck €14.80
酱 Sauce
咖喱汁 Curry sauce (mild spicy) 咕咾汁 Sweet & sour sauce
沙爹汁 Satay sauce 黑豆汁 Black bean sauce (hot sizzling)
黑椒汁 Black pepper sauce (mild sizzling) 四川汁 Sichuan sauce (hot sizzling)
宫爆汁 Kung pao sauce (mild sweet with cashew nuts) 蚝油汁 Oyster sauce
蒜辣汁 Chilli garlic sauce (hot) 香辣汁 Hot spicy sauce (hot)
姜葱 Ginger & scallions 蒜蓉汁 Garlic sauce
杂碎 Chop suey (extra mixed vegetable in soy sauce) 腰果 Cashew nuts (homemade non-spicy sauce with cashew nuts on the surface)
京汁 Peking sauce (fruity sauce)