素食系列 Vegetarian Dishes
(V) 严格素食者 (V) for Vegan
名目 Name 价格 Price
(V) 春卷 Vegetable spring rolls (2 pieces) (served with sweet sour sauce) €5.50
炸蘑菇 Deep fried mushroom (4 pieces) (served with mayo) €6.00
紫菜豆腐汤 Seaweed tofu soup €5.50
(V) 杂菜汤 Mixed vegetable soup €5.50
(V) 素菜蒸饺 Steam veg dumpling (7 pieces) €7.50
(V) 陈醋菠菜 Spinach salad with crispy peanut €11.80
(V) 炝拌土豆丝 Shredded potato with dry chilli salad €11.80
(V) 黄瓜金针菇 Cucumber with needle mushroom salad €10.80
(V) 拌花菜 Tofu salad sweet chilli sauce €10.80
(V) 干煸芸豆(免肉)Stir fried french bean with dry chilli €11.80
(V) 烧芸豆 Stir fried french bean in soy sauce €11.80
(V) 大份炒蘑菇 Stir fried Irish mushrooms €11.80
(V) 大份炒杂菜 Stir fried mixed vegetables €11.80
(V) 醋溜大白菜 Stir fried Chinese cabbages with brown vinegar €11.80
(V) 麻辣烫(素食)Malatang €14.80
(V) 巴蜀水煮豆腐 Braised tofu & veg in hot spicy sauce €12.00
(V) 熘豆腐 Stir fried soft tofu cubes in soy sauce €11.80
(V) 家常豆腐 Stir fried tofu & veg in homemade spicy sauce €11.80
(V) 麻婆豆腐(免肉)Mapo tofu €11.80
(V) 咖喱豆腐 Deep fried tofu in curry sauce €11.80
红烧日本豆腐 Braised Japanese tofu in soy sauce €12.80
宫保日本豆腐 Braised Japanese tofu in kung Po sauce €12.80
铁板日本豆腐 Stir fried mixed seafood in soy sauce (sizzling) €13.80
金沙玉米 Deep fried sweetcorn in egg yolk €12.80
(V) 酱汁脆皮茄子 Deep fried crispy aubergine in Peking sauce €12.50
(V) 烧茄子 Deep fried aubergine in soy sauce €12.50
(V) 酱茄子 Stir fried soft aubergine in Chinese style sweet sauce €12.50
(V) 鱼香茄子 Deep fried aubergine in sweet sour sauce €12.50
(V) 地三鲜 Wok fried potato with sweet pepper & aubergine in soy sauce €12.50
(V) 醋溜土豆丝 Stir fried shredded potato with sweet pepper in brown vinegar €11.50
(V) 尖椒土豆丝 Stir fried shredded potato with fresh chilli in soy sauce €11.50
(V) 酸辣土豆丝 Stir fried shredded potato with dry chilli in brown vinegar €11.50
(V) 炝炒土豆丝 Stir fried shredded potato with dry chilli in soy sauce €11.50
(V) 海带冬瓜汤 Stewed winter melon with seaweed €12.80
(V) 小白菜豆腐汤 Stewed tofu with Chinese vegetables €12.00
(V) 蔬菜汤河 Pho noodles soup with mixed vegetables €12.80
(V) 酸菜砂锅米线 Rice noodles soup with Chinese sauerkraut (sizzling) €10.80
(V) 酸辣粉(辣)Potato noodles soup with peanuts & beansprout (spicy) €8.80
(V) 蔬菜捞面 Mixed vegetable noodles soup €12.00
蔬菜炒面 Mixed vegetable fried noodles €12.00
蔬菜炒饭 Mixed vegetables fried rice €12.00
蛋炒饭 Egg fried rice €3.80
(V) 白米饭 Boiled rice €2.00
小炒面 Fried soft noodles €3.50
(V) 1/2干煸芸豆(免肉)Stir fried Green bean with dry chilli €6.50
(V) 薯条 Chips €3.00
(V) 小份炒杂菜 Stir fried mixed vegetables €5.50
(V) 小份炒蘑菇 Stir fried Irish mushrooms €5.50
(V) 小份炒豆芽 Stir fried beansprouts €5.50
(V) 兰花汁 Stir fried broccoli in soy sauce €5.50
绿叶蔬菜 Green Leaves Vegetables
通菜(空心菜)Morning Glory €12.80
菠菜 Spinach €12.80
油菜 Pak Choi €12.80
西兰花 Broccoli €11.80
芥蓝 Kai-lan (Chinese Broccoli) €12.80
菜心 Choy Sum €12.80
茼蒿 Tonghao €12.80
小白菜 Xiaobaicai €12.80
豆芽 Beansprout €11.80
酱汁 Sauce
(V)炝炒 Stir fried with dry chilli (V)姜丝 Stir fried with shredded ginger
(V)清炒 Stir fried with vegetable oil (no garlic) 蚝油 Steam with oyster sauce
(V)蒜蓉 Stir fried with garlic sauce