海鲜 Seafood Dishes
名目 Name 价格 Price
(松鼠,清蒸,红烧,剁椒,四川)鲈鱼 Seabass (deep fried with sweet sour sauce, or steam with ginger & scallions, or steam with soy sauce, or steam with fresh chilli sauce, or steam with Sichuan sauce) €16.80
巴蜀酸菜鱼 Braised seabass with pickled cabbages in medium spicy sauce (on/off bone) €16.80
霸王鱼豆腐 Stewed seabass with tofu in hot spicy sauce (on bone) €16.80
脆皮鲈鱼 Deep fried crispy seabass in sweet sour sauce (on bone) €16.80
巴蜀糟香鱼 Stewed seabass with fermented rice (on bone) €16.80
阳朔鲈鱼 Yangshuo style seabass in medium spicy sauce €16.80
韭香浸鲈鱼 Steam seabass with chives in Chinese style sweet sauce €16.80
宫保鱼丁 Stir fried cod cubes in Kong Pao sauce €15.80
鱼香酥鱼片 Deep fried crispy cod fillet in hot sour sauce €16.80
鲜椒鱼柳 Stir fried pieces of cod with fresh chilli €16.80
三椒煨鱼柳 Stewed cod with fresh chilli & pickled chilli & paper corn €16.80
韭香肥肠鱼 Braised cod and pig’s intestines with chives in hot spicy sauce (off bone) €16.80
韭菜炒海兔 Stir fried baby squid with chives €14.80
鲜椒鱿鱼仔 Stir fried baby squid with fresh chilli €14.80
泡椒鱿鱼仔 Stir fried baby squid with pickled chilli €14.80
大海虾(白灼,蛋黄焗,豉油皇,香辣,姜葱)(带壳/去壳)Jumbo prawn (steam with homemade sauce, or stir fried with egg yolk, or stir fried with black bean, or stir fried with hot spicy, or stir fried with ginger & scallions) (on/off shell) €18.80
(竹筒,西兰花,香辣,蛋黄)鱿鱼 Stir fried squid with (bamboo shoots, or broccoli, or hot spicy sauce, or in egg yolk) €13.80
避风塘炒虾(带壳/去壳) Stir fried prawns in the Typhoon style €14.80
蛋黄虾仁 Deep fried king prawn in egg yolk (off shell) €14.80
虾仁玉米 Stir fried sweetcorn with king prawn €13.80
虾仁滑蛋 King prawn omelet €13.80
腰果虾仁 Stir fried king prawn with cashew nuts €14.80
海米油菜 Stir fried pakchoi with dry shrimp €12.80
三鲜日本豆腐 Braised Japanese tofu with mixed seafood in oyster sauce €15.80
(蒜蓉,豉汁)粉丝蒸带子(扇贝肉)Steam scallops with rice noodles (garlic sauce, or black bean sauce) €21.80
(豉汁,蒜蓉,竹筒,西兰花)炒带子 Stir fried scallops with (black bean sauce, or garlic sauce, or bamboo shoots, or with broccoli) €19.80
软壳蟹(蛋黄、椒盐、香辣酥、避风塘)(Egg yolk, or salted spicy, or hot spicy, or typhoon style) soft shell crab €25.80
炸蛎蝗 Deep fried oyster with homemade spicy power €16.80