铁板煲仔 Sizzling Dishes
名目 Name 价格 Price
铁板香辣牛肉 Stir fried beef in hot spicy sauce (hot sizzling) €13.80
冬菇牛腩煲 Stewed beef belly with Asia mushroom (sizzling) €13.80
冬瓜牛腩煲 Stewed beef belly with winter melon (sizzling) €13.80
铁板香辣羊肉 Stir fried lamb in hot spicy sauce (hot sizzling) €14.80
鲜虾白菜粉丝煲 Stewed king prawn with Chinese cabbages & rice noodles (sizzling) €13.00
海鲜杂蘑煲 Stewed mixed seafood with mixed mushrooms (king prawn & squid & crab stick)(sizzling) €15.80
八珍豆腐煲 Stewed mixed seafood with fried tofu (king prawn & squid & crab stick & mussels & tofu) (sizzling) €14.80
海鲜麻婆豆腐煲 Mapo tofu with mixed seafood (hot sizzling) €14.80
铁板日本豆腐 Stir fried Japanese tofu in soy sauce (sizzling) €13.80
铁板三鲜日本豆腐 Stir fried mixed seafood with Japanese tofu (king prawn & squid & crab stick) (sizzling) €15.80
铁板三鲜 Stir fried mixed seafood with mixed vegetables (king prawn & squid & crab stick)(sizzling) €14.80
铁板蚝油鲈鱼 Stir fried pieces of seabass in oyster sauce (sizzling) (off bone) €16.80
杂蘑烧鸭煲Stewed slices of duck with mixed mushrooms (sizzling) €14.80
干煸茶树菇 Stir fried Chinese mushroom with smoked bacon (sizzling) €14.80
茄子肥肠煲 Stewed pig’s intestines with aubergine (hot sizzling) €13.80
肠旺煲 Stewed pig’s intestines with pig’s blood (hot sizzling) €13.80
毛肚猪血煲 Stewed pig’s blood with beef tripe (hot sizzling) €13.80
铁板田鸡腿(姜葱/香辣)Stir fried frog’s leg (with ginger & scallions or in hot spicy sauce) (sizzling) €18.80