巴蜀特色小吃 Sichuan Street Food
名目 Name 价格 Price
鸡汁清汤抄手(10个)Boiled wonton in chicken soup (10 pieces) €9.80
蒜泥红油抄手(10个)Boiled wonton in chilli garlic soup (10 pieces) €9.80
海米紫菜抄手(10个)Wonton soup with seaweed & dry shrimp (10 pieces) €9.80
牛肉砂锅米线 Rice noodles soup with beef belly and pickled cabbages (sizzling) €11.80
羊肉砂锅米线(辣)Rice noodles soup with lamb belly (hot sizzling) €12.80
酸菜砂锅米线 Rice noodles soup with pickled cabbages (sizzling) €10.80
海鲜砂锅米线 Rice noodles soup with mixed seafood (prawn & squid & crab stick) (sizzling) €13.50
什锦砂锅米线(虾、鱿鱼、蟹肉棒、猪肚)Rice noodles soup with prawn & squids & crab stick & pig’s stomach (sizzling) €13.50
担担面(辣)Dandan noodles (spicy) €8.80
红烧牛肉面(辣)Noodles soup with stewed beef belly (spicy) €9.80
红烧排骨面(辣)Noodles soup with stewed chopped pork ribs (on bone & spicy) €9.80
酸菜臊子面 Noodles soup with pickled cabbages & mince pork €8.80
鸡丝凉拌面 Cold noodles with shredded chicken breast in sweet chilli sauce €10.00
酸辣粉(辣)Potato noodles soup with peanuts & beansprout (spicy) €8.80
肥肠粉(辣)Potato noodles soup with pig’s intestines & beansprout (spicy) €8.80