巴蜀特色凉菜 Chinese Style Cold Dishes
名目 Name 价格 Price
浇汁皮蛋豆腐 Preserved eggs salad with soft tofu €12.80
青椒皮蛋 Green peppers with preserved eggs €12.80
五香精牛肉 Spiced cold beef salad €13.80
夫妻肺片 Sliced beef and ox organs in chilli sauce €11.80
红油毛肚 Shredded beef tripe salad in spicy sauce €11.80
卤腊拼盘 Salad platter (spiced beef & pig’s ear & smoked bacon) €11.80
黄瓜猪耳 Pig’s ear salad with cucumber €14.80
红油肚丝 Shredded pig’s stomach salad in spicy sauce €11.80
黄瓜蛰皮 Jellyfish salad with cucumber €10.80
白菜蛰皮 Jellyfish salad with Chinese cabbage €10.80
芥辣爽鱿鱼须 Baby squid salad with wasabi €13.80
椒油拌鱿鱼须 Baby squid salad in Sichuan pepper sauce €13.80
陈醋菠菜 Spinach salad with crispy peanut €12.80
炝拌土豆丝 Shredded potato with dry chilli salad €11.80
黄瓜金针菇 Cucumber with Chinese mushroom salad €10.80